Atlas of Akiniwazi: Lake Ogimaque


There are many places that this adventure through Akiniwazi will take us.  Not all at once, mind you.  To help you out with learning the names and places, here is a selection of important points, and maybe… a map to come?  The setting is dominated by the large lakes and water features, so it makes sense to talk about them first.

Lake Ogimaque: Largest, coldest, deepest lake

Lake Ogimaque is the largest, deepest lake in Akiniwazi. Even the fastest steamknarr takes over 3 days to cross her from end to end. Her shores are rocky and foreboding or a mixture of ice, snow, rock, and sand in all seasons. She is not the farthest north of all the lakes, but she is the coldest. Her size and power keep her from completely freezing over, making her treacherous in all seasons.

It is said that the demon Ogimaa Nichiiwad, the Storm King’s wife, Ogimaak Mikwam, the Ice Queen, rules the lake and therefore it takes her title and her personality. It is cold, violently tempered and never gives up what she takes. She is vastly wealthy in food and mineral riches as well as fishing and hunting grounds. It is rumored that she has an Iron throne for her feet and a Copper and Gold crown for her head with a staff of Amethyst, to match her Southern and Northern shores and Western reaches. Rare ores and minerals also surround her in pockets making her a constant attraction to those who would take her bounty. It is said the water demons are very powerful here, and have been known to even radiate up and down the rivers that feed her, so that no one who can see her shores is safe.

Prominent Features:

Brestoeyane [BRES-toy-yah-NEH] (Shattered Archipelago)

Bjorntakoeyane ([bee-ORN-tahk-OY-yehn] [Bear Scruff Archipelago)

Dagenhalvoya [dah-GAN-hahl-VOY-ah] (Daybreak Peninsua)

Hilfbjarghalvoya [HILF-bee-arg hahl-VOH-ya] (Shelter Cliff Peninsula)

Ogimaak Mikwam Island [oh-GEE-mak MIK-wahm] (Island of the Ice Queen)

Skjultvagr [SHOOLT-vah-gur] (Hidden Bay)

Important Towns and Cities:

Tungloddr [TUNG-loh-dur] (Moon Point)

Dagenstad [DAH-gehn-stahd] (Daybreak City)


Most writers and bloggers seem to be in the camp of there is no such thing as a bad social app when it comes to advertising yourself and providing contact with fans.  After all, no man (or woman) is an island.  This has caused me great consternation on some levels as I have come to believe excessive social media is the bane of society in many ways.  I may not be an island, but I’m aiming to be the Crimean Peninsula, possibly an isthmus, or maybe an island with a good drawbridge.  And something big and scary swimming in the water between that doesn’t like my beach and loves the taste of toes and curiosity.

But I see the necessity.  Begrudgingly I do.

In this case, I must say I do not know how I will reach out to me public when the time comes beyond this website.  My Facebook connection is for my friends and family.  Sure I keep them appraised of what’s going on, but that’s a partitioned part of my life that I do not want mixed over here on the authorship side, cluttering this up more personal things here.  You don’t need to know about me wishing my best-friend’s, cousin’s, uncle’s, 4th grade geometry teacher their best on their 50th anniversary.  (Totally fictitious action.  I don’t wish people happy birthday/anniversary/holiday save in person, because I’m embarrassed I forget the ones that matter most too often.  So don’t expect a Christmas card, or some other non-holiday celebratory creation by the greeting card industry from me.)  Oh dear, I’ve toddled off point.  Allow me to get back to it.

Looking through all the various ways you have to connect with someone here, I’m looking at it more or less in horror.  I don’t want to deal with so many social veins.  I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again, I do not trust anything with the root word “twit” for social media.  No thank you.  I have neither time nor interest in Pintrest.  Instagram is more like Nopeagram, and Facebook is the last bastion holdout because of friends and family.

That leaves me with an interesting predicament of cutting off my nose to spite my face as my mother often would say to me.  Ya gotta deal with it or minimize connectivity.  The one kinda odd area I’m toying with is streaming media.  As you can see, I play some online games.  I have lots of fun getting on teamspeak with my gaming guild, The Seraphim, and going to sink ships or save Metropolis from Braniac.  I think some day it might be fun to make my own channel and open it up for fans to come play with me or hang and chat.  If I could do a direct forum here, I would, and I definitely am interested in opening a chat room some day.  These are methods I feel comfortable with for interaction with the public once the time comes.

But I still want the island with drawbridge… and crocodiles?  Piranha?  eeww… no.  Ill tempered sea bass, or mutated overgrown betas.

With friggen laser beams on their head.

The Intent of the Second Edit

Or is it the Second Draft or First Edit? 

Mind you, the terminology sometimes twists my head around.  Ultimately, I am going back over my work after a hard fought struggle to put it out only in the last few weeks to realize that I had basically written two novels, that change tone in the middle, and do not answer key questions that a reader should have!


Now it has been said by Stephen King that a second draft should be the first draft minus 10%.  Well, I guess from his position, having written millions of words in comprehensible sequential order, you get it mostly right the first time, if not a little verbose.  Furthermore, I think that Editor Shawn Coyne hit the nail on the head in his Story Grid podcasts  (watch them if you want to learn about editing!!!), that Stephen King could say that purely because he had internalized so many good editing practices over the decades of writing and teaching how to write.  It’s good to be the King.

For the rest of us lowly scrivening plebes who are pecking out our personal masterpieces, Second Draft/First Edit/Next Iteration… whatever, means that we are needing to add to the pile because we need to figure out what we missed to say, intended to say or should have said.  It’s days like this that make me go “Lord God on High!  Please… let reality do what I intended, not what I said!”  To which he often chuckles, pats me lovingly on the head and says, “No, try again.  You’ll get better in time.”

So here I sit, partially avoiding editing because I busy myself talking with you good folk and concern myself on if/when I should eat something rather than kneading this mess into its proper form and answering all the questions.  Another part being that some changes happened while working on background information.  You have to know how things work to get them correct the first time, right?  What are these arguments I am having with my creation?  Well, when I realized that I had been glossing over something fundamental about the setting and secondary/tertiary characters, I had to go back, dig up that rock, clean it up and put it through the polisher to figure out how I needed to write about it!

The rest boils down to a few essentials that surprised me when I started teaching myself about what editors want, what they need and the actual parts of good story structure when writing Genre fiction.  Ye gawd!  Someone shoot me if I go off into literary fiction at this time!  I’d probably dig myself into my own grave.    I always picture Donald Sutherland in “Animal House” when asked about his teaching, and admits he had been writing his novel for 4 years and it’s “shit”.  No no no.  I am not going down that road of analysis paralyzation insanity.  I’ll stick with writing some essays first, although, I do have a memoir in mind for some day.  I just love the title.  Nope no spoilers yet.  Just satisfied with the name before I do the hard work for that book, and that’s coming after much easier to write (for me at least) fiction.

The first hurdle was realizing that I had to shift voices from first person to third person subjective.  Not a difficult task, but nitpicky none the less.  Technically that was the second hurdle.  The first really was realizing that I had no real genre specific climax but had most of two novels sitting there, so I had to write a real climax and that would involve shifting the way I viewed my main characters.  My hero became a victim, my secondary character became the hero, and he now needs page time!  To which I say, “Bollocks!  I really got this backwards!”

I have loosely outlined what needs to be done, inserted the placeholders and started typing.  At least I started typing till I got on the kick of making this writer’s blog which now I have successfully avoided 2 days of editing, with a self imposed deadline of the week of Independence Day rapidly approaching for finding beta readers.  Good Lord!  I now have to look for a REAL editor too?  And cover artist?  Ack!  They weren’t lying (Oh those mysterious ‘they’!) when they said that writing the first draft was the easy part.

So I peck this out for you, and brace myself in taking the backstory that I had been crafting, stuff that will never see the light of day… or maybe depending on how hard up I get for blog material or just think it’d be a fun reward for those who follow me here.

Okay, enough.  I have to force myself to do the things I must and move forward.

FYI, please don’t get frustrated with all the changes to Resonant Point.  I’m still trying to find my place with it all and am still not sure this is the best theme, but so far, every time I compare, I don’t find one better.  Le sigh.  For another day.

It’s midnight.  Time to wake up and get to work.


Last one for today… I promise.

Oh wait.  It’s now Thursday!  Muhuhahahahahaaaaaa!

No.  I must really do something else.

That said, I have put together a nice section on the origin of Akiniwazi and how this whole project that is the reason for this blog came into existence.


So I started to put together several ideas floating in my head that screamed to be heard.  Now, mind you, at first, I thought this would be nothing more than a gaming resource for either Palladium, or D20 or something else.  I originally spent time trying to craft this thought experiment into form.  But it never quite congealed.  Instead a few thoughts began to stick though.  What came about to create the foundation of Akinwazi was…

I Know, I Know…

all-the-thingsIt has been quite the busy day here at Resonant Point.  I wanted to get up some samples of various artistic things I’ve been up to over the years to wet the chops, so to speak, for you all.  I suppose I could have trickled it all out, but… yeah, I think I’ll be fine with doing other stuff for that.  Most of which will be towards my novel (on its way to evolving into a series)

So, more than 50 pieces of art have been uploaded (insert obvious call to action here) to my gallery.  Go on.  You know you’re at least morbidly curious.

BTW, I actually have 2 novels done for their first drafts, but one is cooling on the rack, so to speak, as I fix up the first one in it’s second edit.  Hooboy, I learned a lot recently on what I did wrong, and am fixing it.  The sample chapter isn’t one of the mistakes though.  I like that.  Good solid opening if I may be a bit heavy on the braggadocio…  but meh.  I’m having fun and still processing some of the chapters I need to insert/write/rewrite/reheat/chill/repackage/beatwithastick/nukefromorbit before I can hit the 3rd edit.

Oh yeah.  You saw that coming didn’t you?

Filling in the Gaps

As I said earlier, I’ve some more content to add for your reading and viewing pleasure.

My Library has grown as I’ve added 5 short stories.  They are all Mechwarrior Online fan fiction and Seraphim lore, but I like em, and it has been fun to re-read some of the stories myself.  I’d forgotten what and how I wrote some of these, so it’s a fresh look for me, and that’s something really nice to get.  As a writer, you never get to see your own work through the eyes of someone who never saw it before.  That’s the one sad thing about creating a story.  You never get the thrill of discovery.  So go check out the short story section in the Library.

Time SlingerI’ve added to my Studio/Theatre 9 of my gaming videos.  (Go ahead and check out my youtube channel for over 50 different gaming videos!) I have a lot of fun doing these.  To be honest, it’s made me wonder if I should put up weekly events for “playing with the author” to those interested in joining me in a few hours of gaming together.  Of course, as it sits, I’m only playing World of Warships and DCUO.  But who knows?  That might change in the coming months with some of the new games that are scheduled to come out.  Regardless, it must be balanced versus working on my writing and my job.

I have, as you can see, very little time to finish editing if I am to meet my Independence Day deadline for you beta readers.

A New Era


With only a little fanfare, I hereby announce the maiden voyage of my Author’s Blog.

Welcome to Resonant Point.  It is the intent of this blog to showcase my artistic endeavors and give followers who wish to share in the journey towards becoming a published and successful author.

My goal is to write one post a week to start off.  This may of course become more as I am supplanting my Facebook habit by posting here.  This keeps my artistic world separate from my personal world of friends and family with whom I speak of other unrelated subjects.  I’m a complex little pirate.

The main topics featured here will be:

  • My writing projects (Akiniwazi, short stories, essays, other fiction & commentary)
  • Any future artwork that I produce.
  • Any videos I produce
  • Gaming (which is the source of my videos currently).

So, welcome.  Glad to have you here, and look forward to giving you the ins and outs, ups and downs of this adventure.