I Know, I Know…

all-the-thingsIt has been quite the busy day here at Resonant Point.  I wanted to get up some samples of various artistic things I’ve been up to over the years to wet the chops, so to speak, for you all.  I suppose I could have trickled it all out, but… yeah, I think I’ll be fine with doing other stuff for that.  Most of which will be towards my novel (on its way to evolving into a series)

So, more than 50 pieces of art have been uploaded (insert obvious call to action here) to my gallery.  Go on.  You know you’re at least morbidly curious.

BTW, I actually have 2 novels done for their first drafts, but one is cooling on the rack, so to speak, as I fix up the first one in it’s second edit.  Hooboy, I learned a lot recently on what I did wrong, and am fixing it.  The sample chapter isn’t one of the mistakes though.  I like that.  Good solid opening if I may be a bit heavy on the braggadocio…  but meh.  I’m having fun and still processing some of the chapters I need to insert/write/rewrite/reheat/chill/repackage/beatwithastick/nukefromorbit before I can hit the 3rd edit.

Oh yeah.  You saw that coming didn’t you?

Filling in the Gaps

As I said earlier, I’ve some more content to add for your reading and viewing pleasure.

My Library has grown as I’ve added 5 short stories.  They are all Mechwarrior Online fan fiction and Seraphim lore, but I like em, and it has been fun to re-read some of the stories myself.  I’d forgotten what and how I wrote some of these, so it’s a fresh look for me, and that’s something really nice to get.  As a writer, you never get to see your own work through the eyes of someone who never saw it before.  That’s the one sad thing about creating a story.  You never get the thrill of discovery.  So go check out the short story section in the Library.

Time SlingerI’ve added to my Studio/Theatre 9 of my gaming videos.  (Go ahead and check out my youtube channel for over 50 different gaming videos!) I have a lot of fun doing these.  To be honest, it’s made me wonder if I should put up weekly events for “playing with the author” to those interested in joining me in a few hours of gaming together.  Of course, as it sits, I’m only playing World of Warships and DCUO.  But who knows?  That might change in the coming months with some of the new games that are scheduled to come out.  Regardless, it must be balanced versus working on my writing and my job.

I have, as you can see, very little time to finish editing if I am to meet my Independence Day deadline for you beta readers.

A New Era


With only a little fanfare, I hereby announce the maiden voyage of my Author’s Blog.

Welcome to Resonant Point.  It is the intent of this blog to showcase my artistic endeavors and give followers who wish to share in the journey towards becoming a published and successful author.

My goal is to write one post a week to start off.  This may of course become more as I am supplanting my Facebook habit by posting here.  This keeps my artistic world separate from my personal world of friends and family with whom I speak of other unrelated subjects.  I’m a complex little pirate.

The main topics featured here will be:

  • My writing projects (Akiniwazi, short stories, essays, other fiction & commentary)
  • Any future artwork that I produce.
  • Any videos I produce
  • Gaming (which is the source of my videos currently).

So, welcome.  Glad to have you here, and look forward to giving you the ins and outs, ups and downs of this adventure.