NaNoWriMo Day 11 Update

Man… this was heavy lifting.  I had to push out since I won’t be able to write again till Monday.  So today’s total wordcount is:


That is just under 12,000 words in a 24 hour period, excluding sleep, going out of town for dinner with parents, a trip to the store, cooking and trying to keep from developing a deep vein thrombosis.

Not bad… not bad at all.


Just keep typing… just keep typing.



Sneak Peak Excerpt #2: “The Price of Mendacity”


A excerpt from “The Price of Mendacity”.  Chapter 11


“Von?” Gamlefar asked without preamble,  “I hear you indulging in some unscheduled athletics last night.” He looked at the broken ankle in its clumsy splint.

“I was trying to, Jah, Herr,” Von replied, a smile on his lips at his own folly, steadfastly refusing to look at his father.  Rann took that moment to excuse herself, going out onto the veranda, watching Gamlefar like one watches a dangerous animal.  Wanting to stay but very sure she should not be seen.  Joost went out through the suite door.  Only Von, Lorelei, Gamlefar and Gamlemor remained.  The two women watched the exchange in increasing horror.

“At three in the morning?  What were you doing on the fairgrounds then?”

“I was running the boom, jumping from log to log.  They got too fast for me now.”

“Because you were drunk,” Gamlefar said accusing his son.  His voice a flat piece of iron.  Von turned to address his father with a rebellious arrogance on his face.

“Sober, I would not have even attempted running on the dock,” he responded, then turned back to storm watching.


I wonder if anyone will be able to guess what I am adapting?  🙂

X-Post Fact Toast #6

NaNoWriMo project progress is going well.

As of 11/10

Wordcount: 19554  (Yes I updated a few seconds too late for it to count all on the 10th but who cares?)

11 chapters so far, and so far I’m happy.  I’ll cringe with how bad my writing is after I am done.