Kjudoon’s Cartoons 12

“Jaderoques vs Harly Quinn”

Weird music for a weird opponent.  Hoppy Halloween.

Kjudoon’s Cartoons 10

“The Power of Crabby”

I recently came across another very talented game vlogger who did fun stuff to his videos.  His MWO vids are very fun.  (NSFW-language) It inspired me to up my game.  This was my first attempt.  (Safe for work, I no use teh nawty wurds)

Kjudoon’s Cartoons 9

“These LuRMs Were Made For Droppin'”

Again, sometimes you find awesome music, and this made it comedy.

Kjudoon’s Cartoons 8

“Thom Fury at Star Labs”

Although I don’t really play DCUO anymore, I miss it.  Just too bad the micro transactions and escrow cap have driven me out of game.  Your characters can’t grow past a certain point unless you pay a membership fee.  That said, the content is good… but I don’t believe in game subscriptions.

Kjudoon’s Cartoons 7

“Battle Bits: Spent Casings”

Occasionally, I will cobble together good moments from battles that either went horribly wrong or were generally boring for the majority of the match.  Here’s the second compilation.

Kjudoon’s Cartoons 6

“Myogi’s Last Ride”
Another World of Warships adventure.  This was the last match of my Japanese battleship, the Myogi.  The music fit and it was just time to rock it.  We won the match by time out, but just barely.

Kjudoon’s Cartoons 5

“Hoard of Barbarian Terminators”

A little something different from World of Warships.  I used their own capture tool to reshoot the same match multiple times, focusing on different things as I did it.  Found the perfect music, and hence the name.


Kjudoon’s Cartoons 4

MWO Silliness “O is next to P”

A little explanation.  This is raw footage shot for my video “Cry Liberty”, a recruiting video for the Seraphim (www.seekhim.com).  The commentary was just a lot of fun, so I put this to some music and let it go.