Achievement Unlocked: NaNoWriMo Winner!

Yep.  Met my personal goal, though I had to drag that bad boy across the finish line.

My project for NaNoWriMo 2016 is complete.  50,013 words and I am done.

Now I can get back to editing my novel so I can send… it…. to the… umm… editor?  Why does that sound so wrong?  ;cD


AAAaaaaaanyhoo, I’m a happy boy.  Let the Carlton commence.


Ha HAAAaa! Surprise Idiocy!… (on my part)

So… NaNoWriMo.

I now has a sad.  A self inflicted sad none the less, because a cool idea that I had now is probably unpublishable because…  It’s a derivative work, and the work I’m coming off is not in public domain for another, oh I dunno… thirty years or so?

Okay, so I got inspired to do an adaptation of “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” by transposing it into my fantasy setting.  Love the movie, think it’s a masterpiece (You know they REALLY drink a lot in that.  I don’t know how Brick didn’t have catastrophic liver failure during the party, holy crap dood!).  Better than the written play IMHO, which is rare, but then again, my opinion.  Could be that I just love watching Paul Newman, Burl Ives and of course, Elizabeth Taylor.

So now I’m stuck, half way written, downloaded Scrivener and need to finish to get the full half off discount but I find myself lacking all desire to continue because I don’t wanna no mo!  And I can’t legally share it.

Well… that’s not entirely true.

I suppose I could try to find out what the cost would be for getting the rights for adaptation, but I doubt that will be affordable.  I know what I really need to do.

Power through, get it done as fast as I can, get the discount and then shelve this bad boy and let it sit in the drawer for 30 years till it is able to be public domain and I can use it.  Yayyyyy my first ‘lost work’!  And my career’s not really started yet.



Live and learn I guess.


A Muse Can Be a Fickle Mistress

So, as the last 8 days of my beta read come rolling in, and I am about at the half way mark of my NaNoWriMo project (Still just under 25k words, but that will start to change tomorrow again), I started thinking about the editing of Reimarsoga: Book 2.  And I skim it, breaking it up into Scrivener, because I’m going to try that thing out finally and I see some good things there.


…hmmmm how to talk about what’s to come without dropping a few major MAJOR spoilers.  Ugh!


Make it staaahp!


Okay, let’s try it this way…

In the structural edit, I realized that continuity between book 1 and book 2 got broken.  I will have to write a whole separate book that will possibly become a stand alone (Or one of two books… I dunno), but related novel that involves characters from the first AND second books, bridging the gap between the two, AND build up the whole Akiniwazi world even more!  So, now, my brain’s on fire for recombining certain characters together, outside of Reimar, in a way that would then tie the first two books of Reimarsoga together.

Now… for complication #2.  Reimarsoga: Book 1 is written as more of an Epic Adventure with a flavor more found in say “Treasure Island” or “The Sea Wolf” or “Huckleberry Finn” (to some extent) or “The Deerslayer”.  As you can see my influences are were not necessarily fantasy directed.

Book 1.5, I shall call it for the time being… would be more of an Epic Conspiracy/cloak and dagger/thriller set in Akiniwazi.  Mind you this was part of the scenario whole for the series (and that’s not really a spoiler… there are hints in book 1… you’ll see)  But I am worried jumping the storytype will be offputting to many.  PLUS… this is going to be a related novel.  You wouldn’t have to read it to enjoy the Series, but it will add to the richness of the overall setting and plotline.  Sort of like “Rogue 1” is a related movie to the Star Wars “Nonology”  (yes that’s a series of 9).  It’s canon, but fills in the gap between the Prequels and A New Hope.  In actuality, it might end up having more in common with say “The Big Sleep”, “The Angel of Darkness”, “The Name of the Rose” and other detectivey kind of stuff.

…In a fantasy setting.  I know… I’m mad.

Oh… and before I forget.  I named my Character Brother Finn long before “The Force Awakens”.  6 years before to be precise!

So anyway.  Looks like I might be putting book 2 into cold storage while I then refocus onto the necessary book 1.5

Dear Lord, what has your inspiration done to me?????

Gloria in Excelsis

NaNoWriMo Day 11 Update

Man… this was heavy lifting.  I had to push out since I won’t be able to write again till Monday.  So today’s total wordcount is:


That is just under 12,000 words in a 24 hour period, excluding sleep, going out of town for dinner with parents, a trip to the store, cooking and trying to keep from developing a deep vein thrombosis.

Not bad… not bad at all.


Just keep typing… just keep typing.



Sneak Peak Excerpt #2: “The Price of Mendacity”


A excerpt from “The Price of Mendacity”.  Chapter 11


“Von?” Gamlefar asked without preamble,  “I hear you indulging in some unscheduled athletics last night.” He looked at the broken ankle in its clumsy splint.

“I was trying to, Jah, Herr,” Von replied, a smile on his lips at his own folly, steadfastly refusing to look at his father.  Rann took that moment to excuse herself, going out onto the veranda, watching Gamlefar like one watches a dangerous animal.  Wanting to stay but very sure she should not be seen.  Joost went out through the suite door.  Only Von, Lorelei, Gamlefar and Gamlemor remained.  The two women watched the exchange in increasing horror.

“At three in the morning?  What were you doing on the fairgrounds then?”

“I was running the boom, jumping from log to log.  They got too fast for me now.”

“Because you were drunk,” Gamlefar said accusing his son.  His voice a flat piece of iron.  Von turned to address his father with a rebellious arrogance on his face.

“Sober, I would not have even attempted running on the dock,” he responded, then turned back to storm watching.


I wonder if anyone will be able to guess what I am adapting?  🙂

X-Post Fact Toast #6

NaNoWriMo project progress is going well.

As of 11/10

Wordcount: 19554  (Yes I updated a few seconds too late for it to count all on the 10th but who cares?)

11 chapters so far, and so far I’m happy.  I’ll cringe with how bad my writing is after I am done.


I did not realize how much anxiety and pain this election was causing me.  How much had it been distracting me?  Lots.  The last few days, I’ve been grateful to not write, but sat there vegging out to Guild Wars 2 or working.  (And let me tell you the survey of almost 100% of truckers who hated Hillary and loved or begrudgingly wanted Trump was a constant bombardment.)  I could not focus or concentrate on my NaNoWriMo project or even think of putting up posts.

But now it’s done.  Hillary has been defeated, and I can breath a sigh of relief that my nightmare will not be visited upon this nation or the world.  I have kept my politics mostly out of here because I know I do not share a popular view in the literary world.  So, this is all I am going to say about the election other than to point out why I’ve been lagging in my posts and creative output.  It was taking a lot of my attention and fortitude to survive this and all the other stuff bombarding me.  I will also keep my schadenfreude elsewhere for the sake of those not interested in politics but want to just enjoy fantasy and writing travels… and travails.  😉

NOW….  Back to regularly scheduled insanity.


Daisy sez: Much happy.  So relief.  Extreme wow.


The First Five Days

Five days in, and binge writing is still the order of the day.

I discovered quickly I cannot dictate.  My mind just refuses… REBELS even… at speaking out in prose.  I need my fingers.  But I have decided to use Google Docs for a little, to see how well this will work.  And I’ve downloaded Scrivener to transfer my work to… ultimately.

So here’s how it sits:

2.4 chapters

5437 words

…and rising.  I’m not done for the day till I get closer to my goal of 10k.


What I am finding odd is that since this is an adaptation, I’m going back pretty regularly to the source material to go over it as I write.  This is slowing me down a lot more than expected, but it’s nice to see it flow none the less.

NaNoWriMo is begun!

Yep, late last night between tables of drunk Halloween revelers a few of us gathered to have pie, coffee, talk and write, and I kicked off with 2245 of a first draft.  Here’s the first page of the first draft to tease.


“The Price of Mendacity”

An Akiniwazi novella


The sweet cool burn of alcohol washed down Von’s throat, cheers from years gone by rang in his mind.  Under his bare feet, the wood of the dock was worn smooth by years of use.  It was comforting.  Its solid cool indifference to his presence was gratifying, and soothed the roil of his conscience.  The last droplets drained from the stone jug resting in the hook of his arm as he finished off the drink.  Empty, he let it fell with careless ease to the dock.  It bounced once and rolled over the side and into the pond with a hollow splash.

Von ran his unsteady hand through his damp blond hair that stretched down between his shoulderblades.  His scruffy unkempt beard reeked of beer and mead and even some Aquavit from the hours of drinking alone.  His trousers muddy from various trips and falls as he made on his way out to the Fotrishkode festival grounds.  The sky above was filled with the green, blue, and yellow feathers of the Aurora Borealis which spun and turn, eclipsing all the stars that could be seen on the warm spring evening.  Below his feet, the ripples of the dropped jug spread across the glass smooth pond, making the swirling light from above smoothly ripple.  It was magical.

He stood for a time he could not determine staring at the wonders of nature.  The sky and water mirror images, separated by the hard black frame of tall pines and birch, thick with new leaves and high with the scents of early summer.  The crickets sang and the frogs trumpeted from every side, silent on for a moment as the ripples passed.

Von stood alone, swaying to the music of the glorious night.

On the Quivering Edge

I cannot wait!  I’m champing at the bit to move forward and start work on my novella for NaNoWriMo!

I’ve never done it before, so I am enthused by the challenge to write 50k words again (though my first two novel drafts (From Ash Wednesday to Memorial Day) it was almost 200k words.  So I think I can do it.  My hardest task I think will be shutting up and keeping it a Novella.

Last week I did the loose plot and picked the names.  I checked with my Guru for all things Norse for some nice new terms to use and verify some usage of concepts, and I think this will be pretty cool.

Now… what worries me.

“The Price of Mendacity” (Working Title) is going to be nearly a Shakespearian trage-comedy, not the “Epic Christian Fantasy Adventure” the rest of Reimarsoga is going to be.  Sort of the same way “Ran” is a sublime but total rip off of “King Lear”. So if someone reads this as an introduction to my work, it will be to my setting and my style, but not to the series.  I hope that doesn’t ruin any reader’s expectation.  I dunno.  I’m overthinking.  Someone tell me to shut up here.

As a side note, I started listening to the Librevox version of Jack London’s “The Sea Wolf”.  Man!  I forgot how great a book that really was!  I am just enthralled with London’s writing style.  It’s of a similar subject matter of Melville but instead of wrist-slittingly difficult to comprehend, it’s far more accessible to my eye.  Oh well,

I really hope that writing this will also distract me from waiting to edit from my beta readers.  I am going bonkers waiting, with my inner Veruca Salt screaming “Make time go faster!”.  I have gotten one preliminary response back from one reader, whom I will share his answer to one of the questions on the Beta Questionnaire:

  • Are there enough stakes/tension throughout to make the book a “page turner”?

    I read the book on one day you do the math 🙂

So… I’m a pretty cappy hamper.


(Thanks TDub.  Been smiling for 4 days on that one.)