Penultimate Logo Poll!

One more poll after this one I think and that will determine the winner of my logo competition.  The five remaining artists have really stepped up their game.  I mean just wow!  A little tweak here and there for the font, but I think these are it.

So which logo speaks strongest to you?

Vote for only one, rate and comment on all you desire!

Do You Wanna Build a Logo?

Yep, seriously.  Do you want to try your hand and make some money designing the logo for Akiniwazi?  If so, you can enter the contest here.  Yes, there is real money involved.  The winning design will be paid.



Enter at 99designs
Click the link and learn what you need to do to participate!
If the link doesn’t work.

Come on…. replace this bad boy here with something awesome!


You know you want to!