I Know, I Know…

all-the-thingsIt has been quite the busy day here at Resonant Point.  I wanted to get up some samples of various artistic things I’ve been up to over the years to wet the chops, so to speak, for you all.  I suppose I could have trickled it all out, but… yeah, I think I’ll be fine with doing other stuff for that.  Most of which will be towards my novel (on its way to evolving into a series)

So, more than 50 pieces of art have been uploaded (insert obvious call to action here) to my gallery.  Go on.  You know you’re at least morbidly curious.

BTW, I actually have 2 novels done for their first drafts, but one is cooling on the rack, so to speak, as I fix up the first one in it’s second edit.  Hooboy, I learned a lot recently on what I did wrong, and am fixing it.  The sample chapter isn’t one of the mistakes though.  I like that.  Good solid opening if I may be a bit heavy on the braggadocio…  but meh.  I’m having fun and still processing some of the chapters I need to insert/write/rewrite/reheat/chill/repackage/beatwithastick/nukefromorbit before I can hit the 3rd edit.

Oh yeah.  You saw that coming didn’t you?