Penultimate Logo Poll!

One more poll after this one I think and that will determine the winner of my logo competition.  The five remaining artists have really stepped up their game.  I mean just wow!  A little tweak here and there for the font, but I think these are it.

So which logo speaks strongest to you?

Vote for only one, rate and comment on all you desire!

Forth Draft Sweep “B” Begins

It has been very humbling to learn I can tell a great story, but suck rocks at grammar!  LOL… well not really lol… unless you mean lol like this:


Then sure.

That said, I have enjoyed to some extent the editing process, though it may make my eyes want to bleed at times at how many missed commas, passive pronouns and verbs and ugh….  Just… ugh.

Can you tell I’m ambivalent about this process?  I so want it to be done and send to an editor and start focusing on the next book.

But I can see how much stronger it is making the writing so for every time I have this kind of a moment:


And I smile because I fixed it, and can that means a better book for y’all.  Hope springs eternal that this draft, and it’s subsequent structural fixes that I must do with it (yeah, I have 2 scenes that need a nice tune up and will increase the drama greatly towards the end) is all for the best.  Now… I NEED TO MAKE MY DEADLINES!!! ARRRRRRRGH!!!!!




The Battle Is Won


Today’s Wordcount:  2,275  (Not counting minor edits and rewrites).

The final battle is done and amazingly, I feel the best about the final line for it sums up a thematic echo that lo many pages ago I had no idea would be in this work.

“…They hanged Haman on the gallows that he had prepared for Mordecai. Then was the king’s wrath pacified.”

It’s amazing in a way to see how God keeps inserting Himself in very powerful and poetic ways.  This leaves only three scenes left, some half written:


Arrival and Parting of Ways


I’ve been terrified today about what would be the upshot of the battle I had just completed, so I am once again so thankful for my very special alpha reader who was able to get in touch with me today.  When you deal with schedules on opposite sides of the planet, this can be a rare and special thing.  He gave much wise council that after an overly long nap I was able to implement, and I think it is all the better for it.

I can’t wait to share this with you guys!

Timeline of Akiniwazi: 800-1000AD

Like I said… I’m going to provide those interested with an ‘Inside Baseball” look at some of the resources to the world of Akiniwazi.  Outside of it’s atlas will be the timeline.  I think what I’m going to do is introduce these in alternating weeks, assuming they don’t interfere with my editing schedule.  Oh you have no idea!  These are pages, not posts, so watch for the heads up posts as they come along if you’re looking for fresh content.


Akiniwazi is an alternate reality where the old world (all the continents of Asia, Europe, Africa are exactly the same as we know it today.  North America, as it pertains to this setting is radically different.  It was discovered by Vikings in this universe, and that is when the two diverge at approximately 800AD.

Again, this is a work of fantasy with historical roots that I have attempted to be faithful to the spirit of these real historical events as I saw them, but took literary license with it as well.  So if someone’s going to criticize that “It wouldn’t happen that way”, let me stop you now, hand you a glass of Handwaivium with a Getoveritonium chaser and ask you to enjoy the work for what it is:  Fantasy as about as hard as I could make it considering the circumstances.  This timeline will grow over time.  But for now, here are a few things to consider.

Also, please remember, these are ROUGH NOTES!  Not finished product, and is just here for your personal enjoyment.  So there will probably be typos and other organic things.  How often does an author share his mind like this, right?  Please take that into account when perusing the notes and see how the world grows.

Thanks for joining me on this journey.

Timeline of Akiniwazi